Scott Abels



from Things Columbus said about gold 




Labor day.

The steaks are enormous.

Christopher discovers coltan

in his cell phone.


Happy Local Mineral Wealth

is celebrated every 54 years.

It is the date

of his birth


& of his death.

If he comes

on one reed

he strikes at kings.










What do we need? Gold!

Everybody bow down!

Shout glory in excelsis!

C.C. pees whiskey


into the gun powder.

Columbus cracks

the engine block.

He wears a loud shirt


to the monster party at the Pope’s,

where the cavern house of colors stands,

& the growing together

of new and old beliefs


are gold words

that give us life.










Chris in the sun,

a stuccoed temple.


A couple of muppets



If this villanry

acquires territory,


this is an erasure

of Shakespeare.


Gold is a great thing.

I seen another world.










Chris don’t hit my goat.

Fucking Viking!

You are too stupid


to face the press.

Somebody is paying to say

the perfect thing.


The stories are coming

very easily.

Personality: naughty.


Not in God’s world.

See that star right there?

That’s Nebraska.