Raymond Farr






Leaving the Realm of I Scream Emperors /Or Spiders in Quick Sand



& the frankfurters screaming:

I scream, you scream

We all [dada ewe] for [dada cream]






We all smirk now at dot matrix printing systems

Though once we thought them





September left its marks on me

I abandoned vicinity


A rollicking good goading

& she buzzes up


[street people]

Into whole other realms


“Blackbird” performed by


[one relic]


of many pasts

Lingered in breathless off-white dementia

Just above us


[& before us]


A realism about us

Spawned a diffidence


[In Baroque



[Making change

An issue]


Glued to its


Is a second hand


A minute

Ann Arbor


[It all



A nightmare of welts



Tzara of Dada






A preserve that is jam

Makes tuna its subtext


I was cheered

To a point


Edvard Munch

Is not the Alewife Brook Parkway


[But a pudding pop



Made fearless



Has been the product of

Half of what


[I say]

Is meaningless



A giant piccata!


Your chattel are roses



Spiders in quick sand


The proxy took prime numbers

Did parlor tricks


[w/ Bassett



Something in a tan, maybe?


But instead of

Hey, loser!
























The Blue Dress of Stars



Adorned in

The blue dress of stars


& making onions

Half a


Town belongs in

Happy shoes


Looking out


The gauges are void

Of terrible glass


Clanking of horns


In strip malls

The pretzels


Mushed into brains

Appear dead


This is a wardrobe

Fitting the pattern


Of mice in


Baby’s mad rattle

Feeling almighty




















His Donkey Eat Dog World



The biscuit within reach.

Begins the tower.

By counting 20s on the counter.

He stays & measures.


His indifference.


One ear into many diffuse ears.

While singing.

A penny for yr thoughts.


Suds begin the empty chair.

Appearing blueberry on the wainscoting.


“I am” is the beginning he had drifted.


So long in search of.

The beginning of hope.


A stain on mortality’s jelly stain.


Stain upon synonymous stain.

Identical to his rapt eye.




A bird of prey.

& the jinx of a motor.

Refusing to start.


Under diseased elms.

We are salt by the numbers.


Just a view of.

Now tepid particulars.


(to consider us dope)

We consider us commerce.


With flavor crystals.

Instead of eyes.


A Hyundai in gravy.


A bad wheel within a wheel.

In which butterflies are.



One tattered schmetterlingseffekt.

Vague as a dream.

Much like a car part.




(escape) door.

To Turkey.

Or Jezebel.


One song.

Is a dilly.


A cricket all night.


The rub of summer.

Unwashed lump.

In the hamper.


The buzz of bees at five horizons.


It takes eye level.

To explore cash money.


That’s show biz!

The applause meter is soaring.


A parapet that weather.

Finds itself loose.


A shingle or two like a bird.

By indecent fire.


A (trap door)

Out of.


Ignition discovered.

In the dormitory stairwell.




Other than his mind over matter.

Some music is tonic.


Flint, MI on his radio.


Perhaps the phone.

& you with a cold.


He was reading Machiavelli’s The Prince.

When he stood up.

& fell over.


Scratching Lottos to win millions.




& in a closet full.

Of topical ointments.


Nothing is a fish.

In his donkey eat dog world.


Who couldn’t be saved?

Cured of their horrors by their horrors?


& on a certain day.

He is reading the cemetery.


Where he spends.

His spare time.


He rivals the sky.


10:23 post meridian.

10:23 post meridian.


His life half spent peering out.

The kitchen window.


The dark on him like a name.


One star framed.

By the real world.


A second soapy narcotic star.


Dangles lightning from.

His key chain.


Sublime as the counter girl.

At the old 5 & dime.


(now defunct).