Mark Young



A line from Octavio Paz






The model runs perfectly, 
ascribing meanings to 
particular colors though
hydrological models with

tan markings seem to 
dominate the outcomes. 
The texts deploy their own 
categories, whose beauty 

is inseparable from their 
function. Interactive 
prayer systems are pro-
vided. There is a coffin 

alarm & escape system
in a darker gray so it 
can be easily identified,
& information boxes 

that pop up during 
contested narratives. You 
guys are going to die 
when you see this bag!



















A line from Michele Leggott






All potential interactions 
are completely stateless 
save for some smaller- 
sized sections like missile

launcher positioning &
keeping the over 50s in 
the workforce. Which 
is why she became part 

of a circus—plenty of 
articulation, a pair 
of peep-toe pumps,
saffron robes blowing 

in the wind with a sound 
that is completely retro. A 
concept album mixed by
a primary care physician.



















A line from Snoop Doggy Dog






Its the X chromo-
somes, those bright 
paper collages & 
intricate models made 

with curious found 
objects, that allow 
Generation Y to be 
sold at low prices & 

played on any kind 
of console no matter
what the operating
system, no matter

what the game plan. 
Which sometimes is: 
to keep the business 
professional. Or: un-

believably trashy &
wiped-out weekends.
No common aim. A 
different vocabulary.



















A line from Cyd Charisse






Its a progression—in-
creasing body mass 
increases dehydrated 
weight increases value. 

The theory: augment 
the sea cucumber DNA
by adding code, using
techniques handed down

through generations of
Japanese ceramic artists. 
He was a perfectionist;
eventually succeeded,

utilizing a trope that
didn't require cognitive 
thought, the replacment
of the cucumber's Neo-

Aristotelian ontology 
in its passive voice 
with a regional net-
work of high-speed rail.

Words preserved the 
essential properties. He 
rarely wore the same 
suit two days in a row.




















A line from Desmond Tutu






The introductory verb
is equivalent to a 
nursing home when 
inputting variable 

references into a static 
worksheet or writing 
a payload to disk. In 
most scenarios the 

steering is relatively 
direct. Children bypass 
spam checks & perform 
a partial first & last name 

search. A soft descriptor—
his standards are quite low—
executes the ensuing 
parameter estimation

sequentially. The output
is sometimes therapeutic 
diets, sometimes a set of 
piezoelectric force plates.